Friday, July 18, 2008

Santa Barbara Writer's Conference ROCKS!


A week to rejuvenate. A week to reconnect. A week to write!

The first year I attended the conference, founder Barnaby Jones said, "You'll come home change." And by the first day of that conference I knew he was right. The ultimate instructors:Davida Hurwin, Matt Palomary, John H. Ritter. Workshopping in its truest form. And John Reed, our pirate king! I can't thank these amazing writers enough for their tireless dedication to our work. Because of them I grow tremendously as a person and as a writer. SUPERNOVA here I come! The ultimate speakers this year: Ray Bradburry and Louis Alberto Urrea. Supreme storytellers. Supreme human beings. Ray: responsible for inspiring me for yet another year. Reminding us all why we write. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.

And my favorite people. I've just met some of you. And, reconnecting with my conspirators of the past is a blessed event. I find my joy and inspiration in the time we spent together during this week, and it makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE! Gillian. Lori W. Wally. John. Davida. Jen. Eric. Laura. Lisa. Jessica. Dale. Bev. Collyn. We made a great team. The talent show ROCKED! The time we spent practicing (no, we should not have been writing, right?) was so incredibly valuable to me. Thank you for putting up with my amateur voice. To sing with you all was sacred. To nurture this part of me is a gift--not to mention so much fun! Our performances charged me in a way that nothing us could have and I'm so thankful!

And to all the "young adults" (Theo, Danny, Nate,) who possess the incredible wisdom and intuitiveness, I salute you for putting yourselves out there. For putting up with us "adults." It is an honor to learn and write with you all!

Super agents: Lindsay Davis and Jamie Wise Chilton. So fun to hang out and see you both again. We learn so much from you.

And Wally, thank you so much for putting up with us crazy, female writers. The interesting vocabulary. The vegetarian food. The loud creaky stairs. We're so glad you've gone through your recovery, and now can function as a normal human being again. But don't get too used to it! Next year is right around the corner, and Cabos here we come:)

And yes, McCain was at our hotel, but we made our presence known!

I am refreshed. I am motivated. And I thank you all for helping me re-find the path. The writer's path we all trudge upon.

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