Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Beach Glass

Anacortes, WA

What an honor to be a part of our friends' birthday bash up at their home in Anacortes. Quaint town (with delicious pizza. Perfect after a long drive from Vancouver. Who ever said there is no traffic in the NW???) Beautiful homes--each unique. Deer roaming from door to door. Their amazing tudor home sits on a point on Fidalgo Bay. Otters. Seals. Herons, ducks, and eagles. Tug boats and refineries. Jacuzzi with the ultimate view. It's a paradise and we're so honored to be a part of this special occasion. We find the sea mesmerizing, gleaming wishes upon bubbles. Floating, soaring across the water. Treasure hunting on the rocky shore below. Oyster, clam, and mussel shells. Rough and unique. Friends are beach glass. Relationships rounded and smoothed over time into something completely beautiful. It is a time and place we will never forget.

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