Saturday, January 29, 2011

Time to Play

The games are the biggest hit! No need for language or intimidation. The sports equipment is a magnet, and we are mobbed by hundreds of kids so eager to play. I make the mistake of asking a little boy to hold the soccer ball and within seconds, he's practically dog-piled. Grayson and I have a panicked glance and then scramble to get the kids off and safely in order. (Not easy.) With the help of another teacher, we get the kids in line and begin the relay races. Balls, frisbees, tossing, hopping, throwing, holding in between knees and on top of heads. We are all laughing, delirious with excitement and the electricity is like no other. Grayson and I set up a kickball game (harder than it sounds...they understood the kicking and running, but outfield was a hole other issue!) It's confusing, but totally fun in a chaotic sort of way. Nic organizes jump rope games, which are a huge hit--chanting and all. We give American football a chance too! The warm sun bakes us, but it doesn't matter. Here is where the magic begins. The magic of connection and fun and shared dreams.

We pass out our 200 pen pal letters to the teachers and they are so enthusiastic to begin the relationship with our students. It's hard to say goodbye to all the smiles, the waves, the hopes and promises. Our van needs a push-start and we're reminded again that we're in Kenya. The kids do all the pushing! It's a day I think none of us will ever forget.

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