Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Zakynthos town

Zakynthos town is a bit enchanting. The Chapel of Dionysios the patron saint of the island, a charming town square and chapel, a quaint bay and a bustling street filled with shops, restaurants, museums and bars (not to mention gelato and World Cup soccer on every corner--even baklava flavor!)

Above town, the island offers another gorgeous area--Bochali Hill--and our favorite restaurant, The House of Latas, that not only provides the BEST crepes ever, but a sparkling view of the city below and a double rainbow day! We meet Bill, who works there. Coming from Athens, he's there daily working hard for the summer. When he finds out we're from California and sighs and says, "Ah, my dream." Ironically, we are thinking the same thing about this island. Traveling helps remind us about the things we take for granted.

But one thing is certain. Zakynthos is really a dream.
The three-day storm ended and the double rainbow began!

 At Latas, one of our favorite taverns

Loucomades--Greek donuts slathered in honey, cinnamon, sugar and chocolate, vanilla and caramel! Obsession! Add 5 lbs right now. So wonderful to share with friends.

Varakola-- Greek singers--from one to five in a flash. Authentic music. Guitar, mandolin, and a hilarious old guy in a hat! Kisses on the hand as he serenades.

Spartakos: Where Debbie first fell in love with veggie Mousaka...and any beautiful Greek-god like men henceforward called Mr. Mousaka!

Cruising the streets of Zakynthos town on a rainy day. 
More stories made in a  town like their own. 
Laughing and looking at life with a fresh perspective. 
Traveling can do that for you. 

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