Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Aruba, Orange Peels and Iguanas

Excited to get off the ship and explore. We've planned a kayak/snorkel excursion for the afternoon, so we decide to cruise around the shore in the morning. The fine, white sand is heaven on my toes. I'm reminded of faraway images as a child- paradises that I dreamed up. Walking the curvature of the coastline brings me peace. Small, wooden boats bob in the gentle waves like a rainbow of floating lilies. Along the trees, we notice tiny green lizards scampering (and I mean scampering!) under the brush. Chasing each other--pumping arms in a territorial race? What kind are they? We find Papa's Beach Resort--a quaint little restaurant/bar right on the water. The Dutch women that work there are beautiful and friendly, and lounging on the sand with a drink in hand seems to be more perfect than anything I can think of.

Running back to meet our excursion bus (late, as usual!) We notice more lizards. But those minis have now become 3-foot long, spiny-back iguanas. And there everywhere! Munching on grass, crossing the pathways, climbing up trees and walls. Not bothered in the least that we gawk at them.

We kayak against the ocean current--warm sun on our back. The water temp is just right. Stopping at the mangroves, we get out to stretch, relax on the beach & eat oranges (and toss the peels onto the sand for the iguanas!) We snorkel off shore. Bristle stars (tickle on your hand,) huge sponges, fire coral (watch out for those white tips) and curious, long-bodied pipe and organ fish. It's an underwater paradise.

As the late afternoon sun sets, we kayak back into the bay where we started.

Being on the water all day soothes me. I'm still moving along with the current, the waves still rocking me through the day. And it feels amazing.

Thank you, David Engel for your awesome close-up photo of the spiky iguana!


Patricia said...

Dear Lori,

what a beautiful travelog!! Gorgeous photos and a beautiful text with fantastic images and beautiful people. Wish we could go there sometime too.
Lots of love from Wiesbaden, Germany.
Hope to see you again very soon.
You are always welcome to stay with us with your husband or other travel companion.
Big kiss, Patsy

Lori said...

Thanks, Patsy. The caribbean was so...beautiful. I do look forward to coming back to Weisbaden. Maybe in 2011?? MIss you! Say hi to all :)