Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Departing from an island gets its own post. We discovered how fun it was to go up on deck nearing departure. Everybody is up there and it's just a big party (a party for EVERY reason on a cruise!)

BUT, if you're late, not so fun. We actually made it back to the ship on time on all four islands. But we enjoyed watching the stragglers get back. The first couple walked, and boy did they hear it from the crown on deck. The second couple RAN (a poor guy loaded down w/ packages!) --and they got full cheers from us!

NOBODY wants to be left behind!

Time on the islands is just not enough, though. Not enough to experience much of any real feeling for the heart of these places. Just makes me want to go back to all of them. I truly respect the people that work so hard to help us enjoy and experience their island homes.

Gifts scattered across the seas.

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