Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A "peace" of Madrid

So happy to be back in Madrid! We arrived late last night, but after dropping off our luggage, we went out at about 12pm, and the streets were still lively with people walking and eating. Ate another one of my favorite falafels (maoz) and went to bed with a happy stomach! yum. This morning we stopped a cafe, and I had a new favorite: tarrifa de leche. Imagine a scumptious french toast drenched in honey like sauce!

Today we visited the Museum of the Americas. Art and artifacts of los indios and the Americas. So interesting to see the Spanish conquistadore view of the New World. Maps with extemely exaggerated places. Maps missing whole parts of the world. It made me realize the power of access to information and knowledge. And how humans are on this constant quest. Only the humble know this quest never ends.

Then I took the bus about an hour north east to an monastery in the city of San Lorenzo de Escorial. Built by Phillip II during the height of the Spanish Inquisition, this massive palace-monastery was overwhelming. The biblioteca completely blew me away! 40,000 books, plus scientific artifacts as well. Built by "humanists," scientists of that time, the quest for knowlege was powerful, even at a time of such religiously fervor.

My favorite "peace" of today were the gardens. I finally found the open land that I was looking for here in Spain. Phillip II appreciated nature greatly, and the grounds and gardens are astonishing. I sat along the wall, in the warm sunchine (yay!) writing and thinking. Cows grazed below. Birds flew overhead. And boys played on the acient steps below me. Once again, I meandered through the windy, cobblestone roads of San Lorenzo. Stopped for a sweet postre, and met the owner of a lovely music and bookstore. Spain is truly a beautiful place!

Now I am off to meet Andrea for a flamenco show!!!! One more day and I return home...

PS- I added photos to each posting now. check them out.

Buenas Noches y te amo mucho,



Grayson said...

I love your blog.I love all your photos of Germany and spain.The castle is amazing.Did you get your change back from that man?we hope you were.Love you.


Steve said...

Hi Lori, I was in Las Vegas for my video convention this past weekend, so I'm catching up on your blogs. Sure, Europe is great, but if you want culture and history, Vegas is the place to be!
Just kidding. It sounds like every minute of your trip has been a new adventure. See you in a few days,

Dan said...

Hey Lori! Great blog. It's been fun to read about your adventures. Have a safe trip back home!

Ginny said...


It's been a pleasure to travel virtually with you through your thoughts and perceptions of Madrid and Germany and back again. I feel sometimes I have an eternal blog going in my mind,it's nice to read someone's so eloquent and caring.