Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Rain, art, and stinky clothes

Okay, it´s been pouring rain all afternoon and evening, and Í´m still in the same clothes that I put on Sunday. Gross. I did find a really cool thrift store called HUMANA: From people to people. All profits go to third world nations. Bought a jacket and a pair of capris, but the jacket needs a wash (lots of smoking here-- one thing I´m not crazy about!) and I don´t have shoes for the capris. So here I am in the same, dirty black pants and lightweight jacket. I did break down and buy a paragua after a day of getting soaked, a gorra to keep my head dry, and a shiny scarf to liven up my dreary, dull clothes.

I spent the afternoon on the double-decker, Madrid Vision bus so I could get out of the rain, and hop on and off at different locations. Rode the bus with Dawn and Brad, a great couple that was visiting their daugther here on an exhange program. It was so nice to talk of our love for travel. They headed over to the archeological museum and I sloshed my way to the Biblioteca Naccional where I hoped to see the children´s stacks. Unfortunately, visitors were only allowed to visit a small part of the library and their museum. The museum´s exhibition, the guerra de indepencia, had original drawings of the French and Spanish battlegrounds, and some drawings from Francisco de Goya´s dark period. His metaphorical work truly depicts the evils of war.

The rain poured harder and I headed over to the museum Prado. (Free today, yay!) It was amazing to be in the same room with the masters--Diego Velazquez, El Greco, and more Goya. It is inspiring to see how art is timeless, and reflects history and philosophy. It truly can give a voice to those who do not have one.

I finished up my day with a treat...churros con chocolate! Never thought a churro could taste any better (until they put a cup of melted chocolate in front of me!)

Now I´m dry, and a bit tired. Time for some writing and reflecting, and maybe tapas tonight.
Tomorrow, Í´m off to Toledo by train, and maybe the teatro at night. They are performing Jesus Christ Superstar and Bella y Bestia, but I might go for a smaller, more traditional show.
I do wish you were all here with me! I would love to share these experiences with the colorful and beautiful characters in my life.

Con todo mi amor,



Marie said...

Wow Lori! You are having quite an ADVENTURE and I remember you saying that "adventure" was your favorite word! Hopefully everything will be different tomorrow (not so much rain)! Adios Amiga!

Grayson said...

I hope your having a great time in Spain.You've probably been exploring alot. I really like reading your blog entries with dad and nova. It sucks that it keeps raining on you. Can't believe you only have one set of clothes. I miss you very much and i wish i was there with you.