Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Chakula time!

Life in the field was so NOT traditional life in the field. We were treated like royalty. Our beds made everyday. The sheets and blankets rolled creatively into different elegant formations. Our mosquito nets wrapped and drawn every day. At dark, lanterns. And meal time became quite a three course affair!

Our dining room was elegant, and Simon, our steward made our meals the most peaceful, glorious time!

Every morning, we had corn flakes and whole, tasty milk, plus fresh-squeezed mango and papaya juice, homemade bread, and a hot breakfast as well. Scrambled eggs. Tomato and cheese omelet. So yummy!

For lunch and dinner, we always had homemade bread and soup. I could lived off that alone. All of the soups were so delicious! Jimmy our chef outdid himself almost every time: Carrot/orange. Potato. Mushroom. Vegetable. Onion. Mulligatawny (Indian) Soup. My favorites were the mushroom and mulligatawny. So satisfying. Safe. Warm.

Our meals consisted of pasta, potatoes, meat (for those carnivores,) tomato/red onion/cucumber salad, lentils, veggies, fresh fruit, and for desert? the world's absolute greatest banana-pudding cake straight from the oven! (and brownies, too!)

We all truly enjoyed our meals. (And we learned not to pass the butter to the wrong side of the table, Thanks Bruce!) It was a time to reflect, tell stories, laugh, and build our hope for lion sightings.

Chakula time.

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