Thursday, September 4, 2008

Watching Clouds

The sun electrifies my skin, warming me gently like the red earth below. And above, to refresh my mind, I watch the clouds move. Pure. White. Pieces of the sky that call to me with the freedom of the wind. The laughter of the sun.

I find it so easy to laugh here. The connection with the people so direct and pure. My new Tsavo family. Team 7. We've been through many emotions together. From frustration to utter joy--all under one, gorgeous sky. A love for lions. The stark woodland shrouded in a unique beauty all its own. Desire to reach deep into the hearts of people and of the land have brought about a peace in al of us. A peace that burns bright under the Tsavo sky.

I spend much time around the campfire. Watching clouds during the day. Listening to the hornbill's call. A bird bark, like a sheep's bleat. The "Go-away" squeak of the Go-away bird. The high-pitched sonar of the hard-nosed bats. The elephant trumpets. Music in my ears.

I appreciate this fire. This place where people circle. Connect.

My thoughts are now part of the fire. The eternal flame that is Kenya.

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