Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Wind, Rain, Stars & Lions

Sept. 2, 2008, 4:00-8:00pm

Rainfall in Tsavo. Clean, pure air, healing my lungs. Breathing in a freshness like never before. Soft drops patter the thatched roof of our house. A gentle mist flows across the scene that unfolds outside the loft.

The rain changes the red earth once again--bringing a peaceful, mellow pumpkin color to the land, to my thoughts. (At night, it rains softly while I am at the spot. I enjoy the peacefulness and I announce, "I really like this rain. It's so gentle." Upon my last syllable, the sky opens up, pouring down rain. I learn then not to curse the rain!)

We witness a rainbow in the sky. Sky jewlels. And the hope that a rainbow brings with it always amazes me.

We find our small pride of lions again, still on the buffalo kill. Both males and the one female, mother to the two cubs, have dragged the remains of the buffalo about 75 yards away, hidden under a bush. The golden male continues to feed, crunching bones--growling as the "prince" sneaks under the brush to be face-to-face with him.

The female walks up onto the rock, pees, and roars in the dark. Communication at its finest!

I videotape--audio and visual. Such remarkable beasts. No doubt a part of nature's grand design.

Once again, I find that out here, I feel only the existence of the immediate present. Everything happens now. Not later. Not before.

Right at this moment, nothing else matters but the wind, rain, stars, and lions.

And I let it all happen.

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