Thursday, September 11, 2008

I am the Living, Red Earth

The red earth of Tsavo-the living, changing soil that surrounds me, reflects me. Through the day, its sun-baked, rusty powder sits still. An occasional breeze picks me up lightly and scatters me. At dusk, the earth grows deeper, full of moisture enhancing its sienna soul. Then twilight hits and I emerge with a passionate crimson, often covered with haze--hidden with a blanket of night.

I am unearthed here, and I find hues never yet mixed. Raw, gritty colors tucked away inside me. Is it the blood of the earth, flowing freely, living unburdened and unbound? The earth's core come forward, bursting into the night like the birth of a young planet.

And then the calmness returns as the sun welcomes me back. Dawn breaks, bringing forward its soft light. Transforming my scarlet vision to a stark burnt orange. But night will return to Tsavo, and the richness of my earthen, red heart will forever lie here deep within the exterior of my world. The heart of Tsavo. The road that leads me home.

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