Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Weeping Rock

This easy, easy lush trail winds up and past all different kinds of trees, plants, and wildflowers. Scrub Live Oaks. Maidenhair Ferns. Velvet Ash and Cottonwoods. Golden Columbine and Shooting Stars. A tiny, evasive endangered snail lives along the moist, hanging gardens. But we can't even spot one! We push the tired kids up and up until we reach an overhang gently drip-dripping from above. Up along the cliff, thousands of droplets glisten and dance upon us. Cool mist. Tingly skin.  From a spring, water seeps through more than 2,000 feet of sandstone until it meets a layer of shale. Wind blows spray from the Echo waterfall  into the grotto where we stand. We smile and laugh and rejoice in the wetness, the coolness, the gift of water and Zion geology all at once. 

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