Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Caterpillar Bushes and Crystals of Ice

Mossy cave

A trail along a riverbed. Colors warm and dry. Fuzzy caterpillar seeds grow on bushes, and  a tearless waterfall lets us down. But don't fret! The Mossy Cave lies ahead. The perfect conditions. Water seeps through porous sandstone. Freezing nights. Clothed in spongy vibrant green moss. The birth of ice crystals in winter, growing through the chill and into early spring. Thick, three feet in height. Some skinny, transparent, standing proud tucked away in the safety of their cave. Nova names one the “Skinny Candle” and another the “Magic Wand.” More stories fueled with imagination. Of a perfect time and place. A place where white crystals grow from the red earth. A place where caterpillars grow on bushes. And a place where time seems to stand still. Still amongst the canyons and caves that protect our sacred dreams. 

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