Tuesday, August 2, 2016

And it begins...

High Sierra Camp...here we come!

Starting point... May Lake! Heading to Glen Aulin Camp.

Heavy pack! Uphill heartbeat in my head. Thump....thump...THUMP! Backpack too small, digging into my left shoulder. Ouch. Quick dry towel as padding to the rescue.  But I am distracted by the amazing, craggly trails and views that display the top of the world meadows filled with lupines, asters, forget-me-nots, pestamon, columbine, and Tiger Lilies.

Exhausted. An uneven backpack. But the hiking is meditative, quiet and my footsteps, 26,000 of them, equal 9.5 miles as we reach Glen Aulin Camp. And it feels good to push ourselves until there is nothing left. We hike past the high sierra camp into the backpacker's camp...walking with nothing left to give. I barely make it up the boulders to our campsite. Fall over, like turtle onto his shell, as a group of teen boys hop up boulders like they carry no weight on their backs. But I push on...
We make our camp and enjoy a yummy dinner at sunset on a rocky boulders.
And then cozy in the tent, sleep, and ready to do it again!

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