Saturday, August 27, 2016

Jungle Adventure

Jungle Adventure!

Take an old Land Cruiser on a 4-wheel drive super bumpy road into the jungle. Roberto, Andres, and Pablo are our fun and knowledgeable guides. So much fun to practice my Spanish with as they practice English. Reminds me of how much I love the language and wish I could use it more. 

Zipline first…fast and tricky to slop. Slam! Pablo catches me. J Tour and hike into jungle, stop to talk about indigenous and medicinal plants like ginger and leaves with orange sap to paint our nails and seed pods (that resemble the shell of an urchin) used as monkey combs. We learn of the “moving tree” roots on top of ground move in search of the sun before they plant their roots. I like that idea. So much wildlife. Huge spiders, including a tarantula hiding in her nest, plus a deadly snake (with eyelashes like a viper) awaits one of our first repels (catch me... I’m slipping!)  Vultures and lizards abound. Fairy-like blue dragonflies, Morphos, red poison dart frogs, centipedes, and incredibly brightly colored bugs of all kinds. Crazy, ear-bending cicadas. So much life, treasures waiting to be found. Second repel into a waterfalls, cool water cradles us at the end.  Ahhhh!!! Up and downhill hikes more ziplines, rope bridges, tree-climbing, and a Tarzan swing. Yippppeeee! 

End with the Superman Zipline and as I fly over the canopy, I can see my shadow below. A human-sized dragonfly, soaring into her dreams. It’s magical--hot and humid and biting bugs are not too bad. So exhilarating and fun—full of laughter and adventure for us all.