Saturday, August 27, 2016

Punta Uva, Pescado and Manzanilla

Punta Uva. Snorkel and beach day. Gorgeous, palm-lined beaches. Water so warm. So relaxing. So many dogs to visit. A trek down to Manzanilla (just steps away from Panama.) Yummy local lunch. Arroz con frijoles, pollo y pescado. Take an afternoon walk along the shore, shadows and holding hands. The sand radiating all the love we can hold. More laughter and pool challenges, snacks and wine. Now, I write on our veranda. The moon so bright, almost full. Red glowing stars. Dogs bark in the distance. Cicadas and the chirp of bats continue to cocoon me into Costa Rica, a place I am loving more and more each day…

Pool view of our house at Villa Ananci Village 

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