Saturday, August 27, 2016

Sloths and Hammocks

Drive to Playa Cocles—thank goodness for Wayz—is much easier than anticipated.  A little jumpy in the 4-wheel drive Toyota RAV. There’s an accident—semi truck—and we wait and wait. Finally moving again. Rain pours and pours as we cruise through cloud forest and gradually drop down to sea level. Costa Rica feels good.

Stop at the Sloth Sanctuary in Cahuita and meet Buttercup, their star sloth, a 20-year-resident, who wears a smiles 24-hours a day.  Many sloths here, both 2 and 3 fingered, are unable to be released due to injury (electrical wires, care accidents, falls) or abandonment. They are precious.  Learn so much about these remarkable creatures and the differences between the two species—although the one thing in common is what rings true with our connotation with the word sloth itself. They are energy savers—and move as little and as slow as possible to survive.  In the sloth nursery, the babies are quiet, most snuggling in or under a blanket—all want comfort in this lonely world.

A boat ride down the rivers reveals many secrets to us—a caiman, lying camouflaged in the river, eyes watching us all the while. Water hopping lizards, howler monkeys and more sloths huddled at the tops of trees. It is a quiet and magical ride, making our own path through the lily pad-covered river, leaving no trace but our hearts.

Villa Ananci is a paradise. Gorgeous home, wood and color, designed with such intricacies and detail. The owners are on site (Isis and Kean) ready every morning for a charming chat and advice for the day.  Surrounded by lush trees, hanging moss, lizards, butterflies, frogs and birds singing day and night. The veranda. The pool. The hammocks. The sweet, sweet smells are heaven.

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