Saturday, August 27, 2016

Delta Debacle

First attempt. Red eye flight. Packing done. To airport early. Then something starts to looks suspicious in the Delta Terminal. Flights are being postpone. Planes de-boarded. Then it hits our flights. World-wide power outage at Delta. All flights grounded. Ahhhhh! Try to sleep on airport floor all night. Snacks ravaged by unorganized and I guess starving passengers. Finally, we board the plane at 5:30. “Hurry!” they tell us. “You have 30 minutes to board. Pilots can only work 12 hours shifts.” And yes, of course, after the last person takes his seat, we are informed that we did not make boarding in time and the pilot cannot fly us.  Off we go back to terminal. After a LONG wait in customer service, we get on the phone with a rep. We refuse the flight they offer us with COPA Air—another overnighter and 3 stops. We end up with Alaska 2 days later. Bye-bye 3 days of vacation. L

Second try and we finally make it to San Jose, Costa Rica. As we rent our car, though, we realize that making the five-hour drive to Playa Cocles on the Caribbean side is too far and too late to brave at that hour. There goes another day on the beach. Argh.  Our only option tonight? Holiday Inn Express and Dennys. Blah. Not the Costa Rica I have been waiting for!

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UGH. been there...