Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Not an ounce left to give, but heart overflowing

7/14 Tuolumne to Vogelsang

We start on the John Muir Trail and head over 7 miles uphill—1500 foot elevation gain. We pass the tree line, approaching 10,000 feet. But it’s HOT, HOT, HOT even at that elevation. It takes us 8 hours, never ending stone stairs & steps. 

Blisters go wild, big toe and pinkie (which soon becomes “the alien toe.”) Meet Karen & Kim as they descend, graciously donate their bug nets and more insect repellant…as we head for the army of stingers ahead. Vogelsang is gorgeous, breathtaking peaks, glittered with snow—golden light over Lake Fletcher…and bugs. Mosquito heaven! We lumber into camp, once again wiped out, zombie-like shuffle and finally find a spot to camp (“get this thing off my back!” I was ready to pass out.) Cover up head to toe, set up camp, filter water, soak sore feet in the icy lake and cook dinner. Gorgeous view from our granite kitchen…marmots, rabbits,  and bushy coyotes running in the meadow. The last sunlight touches the top of Fletcher Peak like Midas, turning them to gold, an almost-full moon and Mars alongside. 

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