Sunday, August 28, 2016

Rain, Howler Monkeys & Villa Ananci Village

Wake up clouds—every leaf, every vine is still. Sit outside on the breathtaking veranda, overcast sky grows deeper, more layered and the thunder begins. To compete, we were a growling coming from the trees. A guttural, low-pitched howl.  Trees begin to sway. Creatures climbs and swing. Howler monkeys abound! “Is that an elephant?” my daughter asks. J They are amazing. Up close in the binoculars, they are beautiful, large ebony colored. Thriving in the treetops, singing, eating. The thunder intensifies. Hummingbirds buzz around us, drinking dainty droplets of rain off the plants. The rain pours, sputtering against the roof, drenching the plants, a long thirsty drink. Birds sing and parrots squawk. A perfect morning at Villa Ananci Village.