Sunday, August 2, 2015

A Jaunt through London

To capture the richness of London is just a few words? A mere impossibility. To highlight a few moments? Attainable.

Westminster Abbey. Dark and calm. A resting place that honors the brilliant minds in Poet's Corner--Chaucer, Lewis Carroll, CS Lewis, Tennyson and Ben Johnson plus homage to scientific innovators like Newton and Darwin...the list goes on to include statues of the 10-modern day martyrs who have sacrificed their lives for their beliefs, such as Martin Luther King, Jr. To walk amongst the memories of these masters of thoughts and words is completely inspirational. I walk with a hope that with every step, I gain a bit more wisdom and enlightenment--and courage to change the world as they did.

The Churchill War Rooms. A fascinating trek into the underground complex that housed the British command center during World War II. The air is heavy and thick--and the darkness of war still lives in the dank aroma that lingers. One can feel the realness and severity of the decisions made there. The dedication and loss and sacrifice all felt with every breath. The question "When is war justified?" flashes through my head over and over again. I am in awe of those who were brave enough. Courageous enough to take a stand during such an unspeakably horrific time.  By the end, I am able to walk away more understanding of Winston Churchill, the intense commander, the painter and lover of books. I find layers again here--brushstrokes that I am grateful for.

Churchill's painting frock and pallette 

Throughout London, we have an obsession with red telephone boxes and umbrellas. We stroll through a sprinkling of rain through Windsor Gardens. A glossy pond. Mama swan and her fuzzy gray ugly ducklings. Tree branches dripping down around us. Their arms swaying and welcoming us into the enchantment.

Phone box obession 

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