Sunday, August 23, 2015

Musee de Orsay: the Power of Art

Musee de Orsay. Impressionists!

Standing with the man himself 

Always have and always will be in love with Van Gogh's work. To see so many pieces in person was heaven! Oh how I wish for a time machine to take me back just for a minute or two to watch this master at work in Monmarte..

And Degas...

These three artists first left their mark on me while studying graphic design at Cal State Long Beach  (the first major I declared...only to be changed 3 more times) When I see the actual work--something more real happens, something that reminds me of greatness and the power artist have to impact the world. And I am thankful.

To complete our day of art, we must add a lock with our names to the Bridge de Orsay. It is a magical moment where our memory of this amazing city is forever locked away--now a piece of it too.

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