Sunday, August 16, 2015

Journeys...Royal Shakespeare Theater


A cab ride back to Stratford. Upon arrival at the theater, a lovely art exhibition--"Sea Markings" by Susan Stockwell--embodies the themes of money, trade, mapping, and journeys--all inspired by Othello and  The Merchant of Venice.  Paper ships and boats crafted of every day fabrics stand still, yet appear to move--journey across the floor searching, longing, desiring for newness, peace, and love.

Othello sparks intensity and darkness as we watch in the round, stepping back into Shakespeare's own time period. It reminds us of the faults of humanity like revenge, jealousy, and judgement. Shakespeare's crystal ball again displays how themes of so long ago--the "green-eyed monster"--  live on today.

Opening scene... Rodrigo and Lago on the water 

Royal Shakespeare Theater

At intermission, we are greeted by the swans--full of grace and elegance--and row boats all named after Shakespeare's characters. 

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