Sunday, August 16, 2015

A Misty Walk to Hadrian's Wall

In 120 AD, Roman emperor Hadrian orders a wall built to protect his territory--73 miles from sea to sea across northern England. And I am in awe to walk there today...

Now, a World Heritage Site--the ruins of the wall--which changed and grew over the years--and 14 forts is truly breathtaking.

Strolling up the vivid green hills alight in drizzle, passing sheep, tufts of wool, and sheep patties. Inspecting Roman structures, climbing and walking the wall within drops from the clouds. A moody sky and leftovers from so long ago. 

What is our legacy? What we will leave behind? 

 Warmed up by family--good fortunate and love all around (not to mention a few sips of apricot and pomegranate wine!)

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