Sunday, August 16, 2015

Edinburgh...a city "built on books"

Edinburgh. Moody. Dark. Rich in stories and tales.

A literary pub crawl takes us down narrow alleys and up charismatic stairways, past historic and inspirational sites of Robert Louis Stevenson (Treasure Island,) JM Barrie (Peter Pan)  and the great Sir Walter Scott. We stroll into tiny Scottish pubs visited by Scotland's bestselling crime writer--Ian Rankin and pass cafes like The Elephant House often visited by JK Rowling as she wrote the first Harry Potter novel and her inspiration for Hogwarts--a private institution called the George Hariot School. So many stories about Sir Conan Doyle, who attended the Edinburgh School of Medicine--where he was inspired to create such infamous characters like Sherlock Holmes who lived on the power of observation.

Edinburgh School of Medicine 

One of JK Rowling's writing spots

And of course, the bagpipes...

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