Saturday, August 22, 2015

Opera National de Paris: Rainbow Visions

Opera National de Paris is a breath of (cool) air!  Coming in from the heat to the cool and darkened marble floor and columns   refreshes the mind and should. Inside, we are astounded by the beauty of even just the lobby/stairwell alone. Commissioned once again by the renowned Louis XIV, the realness of building absolutely surprises us.

I discover an unlocked door to a box suite and peek inside. On stage, a dancer is led by her director and we watch, secretly from the sidelines. Her moves are perfect and delicate and in the empty theater appear like a dream. Above, the Marc Chagall mural on the ceiling casts a rainbow glow across the velvety, red cushions and it is a moment of perfection. More visitors sneak in to watch the rehearsal (which is only allowed behind glass in another resection of the theater.) Eventually, a staff members catches wind of our invasion and the door is closed.

But for that one moment, we witnessed a vision on Opera National de Paris stage.

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