Saturday, August 22, 2015

Versailles: Homage to Louie XIV

Twelve hours of travel--planes, trains, automobiles and subways--plus 100 degree weather welcomed us into Paris.  My only mistake--booking a hotel without any air conditioning and in the heart of Paris nightlife (the "Lush Bar" was right next door!) As we checked in, we were told the room had ventilation, which meant a few windows that opened out into the street. yet the partiers screaming outside our room all night (except for 5:00am when the trash trucks arrived) made for a tough sleep so we switched hotels after the first night :0

The only quiet time...8:00am (The "lush" had all gone home to bed!)

A trip to Versailles--a place that makes the word "palace" truly an understatement. Once a king's hunting grounds was later transformed by Louie XIV into an astounding and ornate ode to royalty. The apartments to the King and Queen, the Hall of Mirrors, the Chapel and Opera --plus a later addition--the Museum of History of France highlight the splendor of French Art and the impressive reign of this iconic French king.
Long, long lines

Louie XIV in all his grandeur 

The endless gardens...with a hidden ice cream shop in the center. The only way to beat the heat!

The frescos were a sigh to behold

Trekking around Paris with my Pops

Awesome reflective mirrors made spectacular selfies

The town itself was charming...a fun place to shop and eat... my favorite: spinach quiche.

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