Sunday, August 16, 2015

Edinburgh: Territory, Power and Thought

Edinburgh Castle and The Royal Mile

The castle lead us into so much history--the story of the crowned jewels stolen and hidden. The infamous reign of Mary Scot. All inspired me to think about foundations and protection and the struggle humans go through to secure territory, power, and thought.

Bagpipes and little girls dancing along the cobblestone and an Italian lunch all add to the charm of this place. Later, a hike down The Royal Mile...rain (wet jeans and broken umbrellas) more backstreets and infamous Edinburgh citizens--rub the golden toe of the iconic philosopher Adam Smith and admire the home of Dr. Elsie Maude Inglis, who attended the Edinburgh School of Medicine and dedicated her life to  the suffrage movement.  

The World's End signified just that--the end of Edinburgh (the burrow of Eden.) Beyond that a who "new world" began. It is humbling to be reminded of the power knowledge and how lucky we are to discover and prove. 

And to use it wisely for good...

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