Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Five Trillion and One Petals

There's something that happens when you're surrounded by five trillion and one petals. I'm not really sure what it is. Maybe it's the colors. The happy buzz of the bees and butterflies. Or better yet, the vast open space that allows your heart to be free--if even for just a few moments.

But it happens.

And the Flower Fields in Carlsbad is one of the easiest ways to find it.

An eternity of ranunculus, stretching far and across the horizon. It gives us the inspiration to run. To breathe. Touch the delicate petals, like crepe paper on our fingers. Colors so subtle, yet vibrant all at once. It's a precious field, full of gifts, and are arms are open in acceptance of its graciousness.

A sweet pea maze. We're lost in rainbows and leaves, spun and scattered in a wonderful way. Which end is up? Down? Left or right? Immersed in sweet nectar and pollen, it brings us back to what matters.

Nothing but the moment. The breath. The smile. Two hands interlocked.

Roses. Roses. Roses. Fire and ice. Sweet and sensuous. Glorious and regal. Grown to perfection like the Queen's garden. Happy noses send us skipping along.

Poinsettias in summer? Nurtured and sculpted into works of art. Welcomed all year long.

So walk amongst the blooms. Give that old cliche 'smell the roses' a try. It is wondrous and magical, and full of grace.