Sunday, July 31, 2016

Tuolumne Meadows... Returning to an Old Friend

It started with a request. 

A request from a good friend to hike some of all of the John Muir Trail with her daughter upon her high school graduation. No need to twist my arm...of course! Over ten days in the High Sierras plus my oldest and dearest friend decides to join us. Over the months, plans change. JMT permits not available. So we finally get a permit to hike the High Sierra Camp trail. Six, treasured nights! 

And so the adventure begins...

Always LOVE the drive up 395. Easy and a quick. Plus a tasty stop at Latte Da Coffee Cafe for a egg, avocado and sprout breakfast sandwich, and I appreciate every scrumptious bite. (My last real food for a while.) 

Meadows and marmots, red wine and old friends. Hang out on the bridge I've crossed for thirty years. Watch golden light caress the meadow grass. Perfect silhouettes of Cathedral, Unicorn and Half Dome. Camp fire and laughter. The perfect mix. 

Marmot LOVE 

Head to Yosemite Valley to do a warm-up hike up the Mist Trail (Vernal Falls.) Somehow, I am always in denial about uphill hikes. I block out the battle to fight gravity. It is hot, but we trek up and down at about 7 miles pre-trip. Mist welcomes us up  like cool and supportive friends cheering us on. Yet the steep, wet steps are grueling. At the top, I am once again reminded of the breathtaking views, like a surprise package rewrapped every year. It's a gift to do this hike and I feel even more ready for the adventure ahead. 

Honoring the sacred water