Sunday, August 28, 2016

Perfect Moments

Costa Rica...The Caribbean Sea

Hard to say goodbye, especially to all the canine friends we have met along the way.

Hard to say goodbye the warm water.

The peace, relaxation, moments that seem to last a long, long time.

Costa Rica. Perfect moments.

Queb Dos Aguas

Take a little road trip to Queb Dos Aguas. Pay the toll (1000 colones each) and hike to the falls. Fly the drone, bat the mosquitos and JUUUMMP!

Little Piece of Paradise.

Punta Uva is moody and lovely even in overcast and raindrops. An evening walk along the beach (not too late to get eaten up by No-see-ums) but late enough to watch the sun begin its descent. A line of horses along the shore and howlers in the distance. 

We take a morning paddle board up the river the next morning. Iguanas, sloths, and delicate raindrops. Peaceful and soothing. 
we paddle into the open ocean. Ah! Choppy. Dig in to avoid the breaks. A little nauseous. Return to shore. 

More fun in the pool in our little piece of paradise at Villa Ananci Village. 

Koki Beach and a Mama Sloth

Dinner at Koki Beach

Downtown Puerto Viejo. Street vendors and shops, tourists and locals all huddled together along the road. Yummy food at all the bright colors of Koki Beach restaurant—yucca strips and guacamole, sea bass, grilled veggies and pina coladas.  A half-eaten leaf plops onto my head. Later, we meet “Daniel” a year-old local sloth hanging around on the roof and trees above us.

Lightening flashes over the ocean along the horizon. The air is still warm.  Paradise. The cure is still working.

The Beach by the Red Car

Destination: Playa Chiquita

Looking for a less crowded beach. Calmer, more pools to swim in. Playa Chiquita is our destination. No car access. No visible paths in.  Lucky conversation with a friendly guy that reveals a tiny trail next to “the red car over there.” (So grateful to have my Spanish!) We squish along the muddy trail that heads through the jungle toward the ocean, overhead covered by guava and palms. Rocky pools. Sun emerges as we search for urchins, anemones, crabs and even a big old green sea slug. My daughter tries to pry it from its rock and POOF she is inked with crimson plumes! Another amazing day...

Rain, Howler Monkeys & Villa Ananci Village

Wake up clouds—every leaf, every vine is still. Sit outside on the breathtaking veranda, overcast sky grows deeper, more layered and the thunder begins. To compete, we were a growling coming from the trees. A guttural, low-pitched howl.  Trees begin to sway. Creatures climbs and swing. Howler monkeys abound! “Is that an elephant?” my daughter asks. J They are amazing. Up close in the binoculars, they are beautiful, large ebony colored. Thriving in the treetops, singing, eating. The thunder intensifies. Hummingbirds buzz around us, drinking dainty droplets of rain off the plants. The rain pours, sputtering against the roof, drenching the plants, a long thirsty drink. Birds sing and parrots squawk. A perfect morning at Villa Ananci Village.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Punta Uva, Pescado and Manzanilla

Punta Uva. Snorkel and beach day. Gorgeous, palm-lined beaches. Water so warm. So relaxing. So many dogs to visit. A trek down to Manzanilla (just steps away from Panama.) Yummy local lunch. Arroz con frijoles, pollo y pescado. Take an afternoon walk along the shore, shadows and holding hands. The sand radiating all the love we can hold. More laughter and pool challenges, snacks and wine. Now, I write on our veranda. The moon so bright, almost full. Red glowing stars. Dogs bark in the distance. Cicadas and the chirp of bats continue to cocoon me into Costa Rica, a place I am loving more and more each day…

Pool view of our house at Villa Ananci Village 

Jungle Adventure

Jungle Adventure!

Take an old Land Cruiser on a 4-wheel drive super bumpy road into the jungle. Roberto, Andres, and Pablo are our fun and knowledgeable guides. So much fun to practice my Spanish with as they practice English. Reminds me of how much I love the language and wish I could use it more. 

Zipline first…fast and tricky to slop. Slam! Pablo catches me. J Tour and hike into jungle, stop to talk about indigenous and medicinal plants like ginger and leaves with orange sap to paint our nails and seed pods (that resemble the shell of an urchin) used as monkey combs. We learn of the “moving tree” roots on top of ground move in search of the sun before they plant their roots. I like that idea. So much wildlife. Huge spiders, including a tarantula hiding in her nest, plus a deadly snake (with eyelashes like a viper) awaits one of our first repels (catch me... I’m slipping!)  Vultures and lizards abound. Fairy-like blue dragonflies, Morphos, red poison dart frogs, centipedes, and incredibly brightly colored bugs of all kinds. Crazy, ear-bending cicadas. So much life, treasures waiting to be found. Second repel into a waterfalls, cool water cradles us at the end.  Ahhhh!!! Up and downhill hikes more ziplines, rope bridges, tree-climbing, and a Tarzan swing. Yippppeeee! 

End with the Superman Zipline and as I fly over the canopy, I can see my shadow below. A human-sized dragonfly, soaring into her dreams. It’s magical--hot and humid and biting bugs are not too bad. So exhilarating and fun—full of laughter and adventure for us all.