Saturday, December 29, 2018

The Long and Windy Road to Salinas Beach

Way up north of Shipwreck Beach we pack it in and travel across the island and up the coast. Searchin for another magic beach (and even the spot where we noticed a few naked lovebirds the day before while on our boat trip! LOL) We arrive at a secluded, white stone beach cove. We're dying to swim across to the shore, yet the water's just too choppy. But we inhale the view, once again enchanted by this unearthly Ionian Sea. So grateful to be here. So grateful to be surrounded by people I love.

Stop at Shipwreck again (can never get enough.)

I speak Spanish to a vendor who speaks Italian. We understand each other!  (If only I spoke Greek, too.) We laugh and smile and he tells me..."With good people, it doesn't matter what you speak!"

Aint that the truth.

No Stress trip to the Blue Caves

The coastline of Zakynthos practically glows in all hues of blue. The ocean appears rich, dazzling, saphire-esque (is that a word?) It's almost futile to try to describe the way it sparkles in the sunlight or dances with ripples of turquoise or teal. We take a few boats out from Alykes Beach (thanks George & Pamcakes for helping us wait out our one and only storm--downpour--for a few days until you knew it would be the perfect day!)

Lefty "No stress" captained one boat and the fearless Dan the Man at the helm of the other.  The perfect day bestowed upon us a glossy sea and come incredible coastline patterned with caves, deep and rich and layered with multi-colored corals of green, blue, orange and purple (as it reacts tot he sulfur in the water.) Don't touch the caves...will cut you like a knife!

We stop several times and float above the azure deepness, such a sense of peace surrounding us. Hop into snorkel and soft light filters 30 feet below igniting an underwater paradise. Play chase sardines. Hide and seek with yellow sponges. The crackling of underwater life enchants me. Don't want to leave. Back onto the boat. Bright sun warms me, sends me to sleep.

Back to Alykes beach where we meet George and Pamcakes. Exhausted and happy-- lunch at the Asteria. How could life get much better?

Friday, December 28, 2018

Greek food. Greek wine on Zakynthos--a little piece of heaven, really I mean It

We all know food tastes better when you're someplace new or with the people you love. Or completely free of stress. Well, all those things were true on Zakynthos.

But really, the food was just PERFECTION.

And we enjoyed every bite (and added an equal number pounds upon our return home!)

Melon was a must...and tasted even sweeter at the top of the world!

Rocket Salad in Olympia  

Already told you about the Loukomades (Greek donuts) but I'm telling you again that they are the most delicious thing I've EVER eaten!

Homemade Greek wine mixed with a little cherry juice... ahhhhhh

Veggie Mousaka started it all... (the search for Mr. M) 

Such island hospitality--every meal ended in a complimentary dessert or dessert beverage 

Rock. Paper. Scissors. Greek style. 

Oh those little ice cream pops...dangerous!

Right there.  
George's amazing salad 

Syrian delite 

A feast in Keri Cove (before the bugs attacked!) 

This is what you eat at a Greek festival...and it's not always easy to come by!

Tequila Sunrise and some sea glass

World's best Sangria