Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Germany comes to Greece

There are friendships imprinted in our hearts that will never be diminished by time and distance. Dodinsky
Over twenty years ago on an Earthwatch expedition in Paraguay, I met an intelligent and brave woman who had been traveling around South America. Sharing Greece now together is another tick on our world map. Plus, she brought us, George!

Best Sunset #1...a gorgeous ocean view!  First taste of the Zakynthos delicacy...(imagine a light cheesecake with cherry sauce) 

A visit to the St. George monastery. We meet a young monk (originally from Georgia) that is willing to tell us the stories that embody many of the Byzantine artifacts still caressing the walls of this quaint, cool, musky place of workship. 

The tower, once a lookout for pirates (they actually dumped hot oil from the windows!)

Sign of the Byzantine capital: Constantinople and its power due both east and west. 

St. George and the dragon (a replica of the original) 

Candles lit for moms: Julie and Jean. 

A little "donkeying" around afterward. 

Best island wine!

Best sunset tavern #2

During World Cup viewing, George made a delicious Syrian salad. Yum!
More World Cup in Kalamaki 

Saying goodbye to friends is not easy. 


Mouth-watering Greek food in Keri Beach (this is just before we were BOMBARDED with mosquitos!)

Germany meets California in Greece.
Friendships can last for decades, even across the oceans. 

Crazy-fun George

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Ventian Castle

On Bochali Hill, we find the enchanting Venetian Castle that overlooks the gorgeous town. Built upon an ancient acropolis, it is believed that the Venetians first constructed this sight after occupation in the 15thc century, which became the capital. Later, the fortress was destroyed by the Turks and the repaired again by the Venetians. Due to war & earthquake, the castle has been rebuilt many times, even by the Engish in 1812 while they were in control of the island. A Byzantine chapel (11th century) has been excavated as the oldest structure. 

Layers and Layers of stories. Victories. Losses. Destruction. Reconstruction. 

A tumultuous place. 
A still place.
A place of stories.  

For us, it becomes a peaceful moment to say goodbye to friends and they move to their next adventure!

What a breathtaking view!

11th century chapel 

We hike and appreciate. Then sit. Watch swallows circle. Butterflies flutter in this quiet paradise. 

Jail cells. 

Bastion for cannons.