Thursday, January 3, 2019

Akrotiri...a little paradise down the road

A few plans canceled. Sick days at Casa Dionne. The girl and I find a sweet little beach just down the road in Akrotiri. Mama and daughter snorkel days. Bright schools of fish, sea glass and mai tais! Plus, octopus #3 presents itself, yet decides he's too shy to come out to meet us today...stays hidden in a tiny, tiny crevasse. We watch a Greek grandma munching on limpets right from the sea (ew) yet natural and giving of this beautiful ocean.

I lie there, trying to soak in the beauty and peace I feel on Zakynthos. Trying to bottle it up and take it back with me so I can sip on this feeling to fill me up.

Stop for Greek donuts one last time (add a little vanilla ice cream this time!) Enjoy the quaint cafe atop the hill the ocean calling us down below.

Zakynthos, fill me up.

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