Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Porto Azurro

There seriously is not a bad beach on Zakynthos. Traveling south down the peninsula we pass so many gorgeous shorelines and settle in a new beach--Porto Azurro, the "most beautiful beach" on Zakynthos a local tells us.

It's more of a resort, another Greek wedding amongst the lush greens along the shore. Sparrows drink delicately out of a spigot. A determined to crawl up the stairs, his family watching and enouraging him to make it to the top. Everyone and everything on the beach is happy.

Doze on the beach. Eat and drink. Wade in the waves with friends. Venture out to snorkel, but waters a bit too choppy. Hold a delicate sea star in my palm. A sacred moment in the Ionian Sea.

Lookout onto the beach from above. Endless umbrellas. Endless peace.

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